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Electricians You Can Trust

Don’t let electrical issues wait too long. We are here to help provide high-quality services at competitive rates and make sure your electrical systems are up to date and working properly.

We’re happy to be of assistance to commercial and residential clients throughout Central VA.

Our company can offer many useful services such as:


Electrical Repairs

Whether you’re worrying about flickering lights inoperational outlets or more serious electrical problems, turn to us. Our diligent team is equipped and properly trained to inspect and

troubleshoot electrical systems and offer effective solutions at fair rates. Our repair work

is done using high-quality materials and parts. Count on us for lasting results.

Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is responsible for controlling the electrical flow within the home or commercial establishment. If it’s old, out of date, or unable to support the electrical needs of your property, it has to be upgraded. Our team will use the right techniques and parts, keeping your property safe from surges and uneven electricity flow.


Surge Protection

Sudden spikes in energy can cause many issues such as burning out electrical installations and breaking appliances. We can install whole-house electrical surge protectors that will help balance and limit the flow of energy. This will protect your property from sudden electrical surges.


Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to your property is an excellent way to accent architectural and landscaping features and to enhance the security of your property. We can install excellent motion-sensor lighting for your house or place of business at a fair price! Additionally, we can help upgrade your indoor lighting with new fixtures, dimmer switches, and more.


Electrical Troubleshooting

If there are issues with your electrical system that you can’t quite pinpoint, we can troubleshoot all the installations and find the root of the problem in no time. Our experts will conduct the necessary repairs putting the safety of our clients and their property first. Make excellent use of our professional services at your earliest convenience by contacting us and setting up an appointment for a date and time of your convenience. Be sure to contact us at (804) 740-3232 and talk to us about your electrical repair or upgrade needs.